BlessN900 gives you all you've been missing with the standard camera: non-blurry low-noise photos in low light, high quality zoom not available on any mobile device before, rich detail in highlights and shadows!

How does it work?

BlessN900 is based on "Blurless exposure" technology, that combines special readout mode with special post-processing. In brief:
By carefully selecting sensor capture parameters a non-equally-split exposure is created. That means we're getting two readouts from the sensor at the same time instance. One is short and sharp. The other is long, noise-free, but possibly degraded by hand-shaking. Then the post-processing fuses these two exposures to get a single sharp, low-noise and higher dynamic-range image.

Isn't it better to use standard camera and then improve the photos in Photoshop?

It is always better to take a quality image than to improve a bad one. It is usually impossible to remove heavy blur or reduce high noise without losing image details.
BlessN900 does not apply deblurring or noise reduction filters to a standard image, it gets better image from the sensor.

Why only N900? It it possible to have similar application for another model?

Blurless and Superzoom technologies can be implemented for almost any camera device. Moreover, these technologies allow hardware implementation which would drastically speedup the post-processing delay.
However, N900 is the only device which has the architecture open enough to implement those technologies with no support from the manufacturer (such as providing private SDKs, etc).
Ask your manufacturer to implement Blurless and Superzoom in their new models! :)

Does BlessN900 affect the standard Camera application?

In spite of the fact, that BlessN900 modifies camera firmware, the standard Camera application can neither benefit nor suffer from BlessN900. BlessN900 adds special readout modes, that are of no use by the standard application and do not affect the standard modes.
If you experience problems with standard Camera after installing BlessN900 - please report it to our support center.