BlessN900 gives you all you've been missing with the standard camera: non-blurry low-noise photos in low light, high quality zoom not available on any mobile device before, rich detail in highlights and shadows!

Download and install BlessN900 from Maemo Extras repository

For easy installation and auto updates you can install BlessN900 from Maemo Extras repository.
Launch Application Manager, click Download, go to Multimedia section and choose BlessN900 there.

Download and install BlessN900 manually

BlessN900 is Freeware! Click the link below to download the installation package. You will need to reboot your phone after installing BlessN900, as the camera firmware is updated during installation.

     Download and Install Now! (version 0.49-3)     

You will probably need to download N900 alternative camera drivers:

     Download and Install FCam-drivers 1.0.7-1     

BlessN900 documentation

BlessN900 Whitepaper (PDF) (obsolete, will be updated soon)

License info

BlessN900 End User License Agreement