BlessN900 gives you all you've been missing with the standard camera: non-blurry low-noise photos in low light, high quality zoom not available on any mobile device before, rich detail in highlights and shadows!

Real-life demo of Blurless and Superzoom technologies

BlessN900 application was initially developed as a real-life demonstration of Blurless and Superzoom technologies, allowing taking non-blurry low-noise images in low light and high-quality zoomed images with no optical zoom.


When using BlessN900 for testing of Blurless and Superzoom, please take the following in account:
- The processing delay will be almost completely removed when implementing the technologies on chip;
- Some artefacts can appear from time to time due to problems in working with camera drivers;
- The technologies are constantly improved and polished;
- Blurless and Superzoom can be implemented for almost any sensor and in almost any mobile device. Demo application was implemented for Nokia N900, as it was the only device that allowed software implementation without using proprietary/closed manufacturer's libraries/SDKs.

Demo mode

There is a special Demo Mode, you can turn it on by clicking "Settings" icon () in BlessN900 and checking "Demo mode" checkbox.
In this mode you will get splitted photos, with a "standard" image on the left side and the image taken with Blurless or Superzoom on the right side. In Blurless mode there are two "standard" photos - one taken with short exposure (sharp, but noisy) and the other taken with long exposure (low noise, but usually blurry):