BlessN900 gives you all you've been missing with the standard camera: non-blurry low-noise photos in low light, high quality zoom not available on any mobile device before, rich detail in highlights and shadows!

Why do people still prefer generic cameras over those they have in mobile phones? The answer is - while having enough megapixels, mobile cameras still suffer from too narrow apertures and lack of optical zoom. Bless N900 adresses those problems. No need to bind a large zoom lens to your phone! :). Get mobile images of quality never available before!

More light, less blur

The essence of photography is the Light. With narrow aperture a mobile camera does not get enough Light. So there are three bad choices: make long exposure, waiting while you shake the camera enough to get a blurry image; use high ISO, filling the image with noise; or ignite the flash, making a very unnatural image with distorted colors and flat overexposed spots.

Bless is short for BlurLess - a technology that allows capturing more light while suppressing the shaking blur. In the same lighting you will get a sharp, low-noise image, as if you have taken it with a generic consumer-level camera, not with a mobile phone.

Zoom you will want to use

Digital zoom is one of the worst digital things ever invented. In fact, it is not a real zoom, just a quick and rough stretching of the center area of an image. You would not use it if you wished to get an image of any quality.

So, should you still have a generic camera with optical zoom in addition to your mobile phone? No. BlessN900 implements unique SuperZoom technology, providing digital zoom quality close to one a generic optical zoom would provide.

High dynamic range - no clipping in highlights and shadows

Yes, HDR on a mobile is not a joke anymore.

You can now take images of high dynamic range scenes (the scenes that have both highlight and shadow areas). BlessN900 will capture a HDR image, ensuring that you do not get clipped areas and do not lose details in highlight and shadows.